What’s your fantasy? Here’s mine.

Today I did NOT run

On days I don’t run, I think fantasize about running.  In my fantasy, it’s a beautiful summer afternoon, my clothes are soaked with sweat and I’m not sure that I can make it another 50 feet.  I push through when the heat tells me no, I push through when my mouth is dry and my body is screaming for water; I push through when the hills get too steep, when the humidity gets to be too much, and when there is no shade to be found at high noon.

All the odds are stacked against me, I will at worst crawl across the finish line, and at best some passer by will feel compelled to call for an ambulance when they see a body laying in a heap somewhere.  I finish my run a hot mess, drenched in sweat, physically defeatedspiritually renewed.  On this day, I walked through the fire and am strong.

Each day I make it through I am a little stronger.  This is my fantasy reality because I am a runner.

Today I’m not where I’m going to be when I die – I am becoming something better everyday.

Does running make you mentally stronger?  What are you willing to do to achieve it?  What are you willing to sacrifice to attain your goal?  I invite you to comment, tweet, or email me.

Now for some motivation when sleep seems like a better option.

Finally, some good advice some Britney Spears

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