The Legacy

I write what is on my heart often here, and today my heart is about fathers. By writing what I write, I don’t want to diminish what mothers or uncles or anyone else contributes to their families. Today this post is about fathers – all of us who rise to the hard occasion of loving their family beginning to end.

Last week I was honored to attend the funeral of my best friend’s dad. I was honored to provide my love and support to this family during that time. They are a family I love as my own, and Percy (jr) is a brother I love as my one of my blood brothers. When the patriarch of a family passes, it’s a special occasion – not because of the man that he was, but because of the family he chose to give love to over the course of his life. A father who stays and supports with his family is Christ-like.

The Obituary

Those who are lucky enough to grow to old age will have lived many lives, and one extraordinary life. An obituary will note their what schools they went to, what branch of service they served in, what churches and fraternal orders they participated in. Most importantly, it tells us who survives them. By surviving them, they will continue to live on for generations.

A Legacy

A father who stays with his wife, raises their children together, supports and loves them through thick and thin has laid a foundation for which his children and their children and their children and their children will build their lives upon. Regardless of what this man does for a living, what he’s done or where he’s been, his best legacy is the one he left in the hearts of those who will continue to live on for many generations.

His Legacy

There are many things I fail at, for me, my failings rear their ugly heads daily. Over the course of my life I’ve served in the Navy, lived in too many cities to count, had many jobs and a few careers. I’ve coached children I still love today. I’ve been blessed to work at the same company for nearly 11 years now. Above all, I’ve remained married to the woman I’ve loved nearly all my life. We’ve been incredibly blessed to have four children, all of which I love dearly. I’ve failed my wife and children many times, but I show up everyday, trying to not fail them today.

Before I was a Christian, I thought of legacy often, and what I wanted to be remembered for. Perhaps I’ll be remembered for my service to this country, and by the many people I’ve worked with for many years, or when I coached how I was fair and encouraging. I used to worry about how my children might remember me, if I’d done enough well enough.

This morning in church I was reminded of what I now want my legacy to be someday – not a legacy of Jason, of who I was and what I touched and who remembers what about me – instead a legacy of love through Jesus. I hope that my children can only remember my love for them, and where I have failed, God will fill in the gaps. Perhaps they’ll remember me dragging them to church. Above all, I hope to see them all again at the alter of Christ, surrounded in His love where no pain or turmoil exists. Eternal things are what I care about now as I work towards His Legacy.

As I turn my head to 2023, I turn my heart to His Legacy. A funeral is a time to celebrate. That celebration can continue in honor, and is truly a gift to each of those left behind, and can continue into eternity.

Oh! Christ be maginified
From the alter of my life
Christ be magnified in me

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