Refueling, Man versus Horse, and New Years Resolutions


Has anyone ever held your head under water for a bit longer than what felt comfortable, and your body burned to breathe?  You will instinctively fight to breathe with every fiber of your being.  Why not harness the power of this instinct?


Recall a moment when someone tried to take the one thing away from you that you can’t live without, and store that package away in a safe place in your mind.

When the HILL HEAT COLD WIND CRAMP RAIN SNOW FATIGUE HUMIDITY DISTANCE COMPETITOR CLOCK get to be too much, then recall that package, and use that as fuel to give you the ultimate boost.


Usain Bolt averaged 27.79mph between 60-80m of his 100m world-record setting pace.  Most of us are significantly slower than that.  In the Welsh town of Llanwrtyd Wells there is an annual Man Versus Horse Marathon where a running man has twice beaten a man on a horse during the race (most believe when the temperatures are at their hottest, because humans have much better cooling systems – perspiration versus panting).  In Christopher McDougall’s Born To Run, the author presumes that early man hunted on the savanna by outlasting their pray.  

When I first started running, , my pace was 12-13 minutes a mile (which seemed pretty amazing at the time).  I’ve shaved some time off time recently by trying to do speed work once a week.  I hate speed work; but it is paying dividends.

I was listening to a podcast recently where they stated that ANYONE can run a 7 minute mile.  This was stated matter-of-factly by a respected runner.  If you would’ve told me this a year ago, I would’ve questioned your sanity.  Now, I think maybe I can run a 7 minute mile.  Is this rational thought? How fast could you run?



As the New Year approaches, increasing my speed is going to be a goal.  Do you think It would be an achievable goal to run a sub 24 minute 5K in a year (given my PB is 27+ min)?  How about a sub 22 minute 5K?  That might be a real stretch. Thoughts?
I’m quite proud that I’ve worked so hard and achieved many of my goals this year already.  One of my running goals was to log 1000 miles this year, which I’ve already achieved.
What goals are you setting this year?  Here’s a list that I’m considering:
  • run my first half and full marathon
  • run a sub 24 minute 5K
  • get/stay below 170 lbs (about 15 lbs away)
  • work toward creating solid/continuous training plans
  • work toward creating better weight training cross-training plans
  • purchase road bicycle and pursue this more seriously as cross-training
  • pursue swimming as low-impact cross-training

2 thoughts on “Refueling, Man versus Horse, and New Years Resolutions”

  1. My goals:
    1. Run a road mile per day each day in the month of March. (Right now I'm only doing 4 per week on an elliptical).

    2. Complete 2 5ks by June.

    3. Lose 50 pounds by working for it instead of looking for an easy way out.

    4. Enjoy my lifestyle changes instead of feeling like they are a chore.


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