Hi there, I am Jason Morris

I am a results-driven DevOps Engineer, focused on contributing to the winning culture and goals of high performing cross-functional teams. I enjoy collaborating with software and quality engineers in selecting and utilizing appropriate tools and procedures, with the goal of improving application lifecycles and observability.

I’m experienced in a wealth of technologies in the development, testing and delivery of software. For most of my career, I worked in a .Net development shop. Over the last few years, I have been provided the opportunity to expand my knowledge outside of the .Net framework by learning new-to-me applications and technologies.

I’ve applied my Certified Scrum Master skills while collaborating on large projects involving legacy applications, as well building applications from the ground up, and just about every step in-between. I’m experienced in working in various flavors of agile methodologies, including Scrum and SAFE, utilizing Azure DevOps, Jira, and a variety of other progress-tracking software. I love working on teams and with other people, either in person or remotely, and contributing to help make those teams highly functioning, delivering value to the customers who count on the software we build, deliver, and maintain.

I am fortunate to be working for the same employer since March 2012. When my journey began, there was a small team of developers that were all co-located in a single office. Later, we added contractors from Eastern Europe and another office in a different city. It was an amazing experience to learn to work well with remote teammates, another set of talented engineers in a different time zone. In 2019 the company I worked for was acquired by a company of about the same size located in a different state. Merging two sets of development teams together proved challenging, but it presented me with the opportunity to learn new technologies and methodologies, and to learn from a broader group of like-minded engineers. In 2021 the company was once again acquired, this time by a much larger corporation with thousands of employees and hundreds offices around the globe. This has opened the door even wider, once again broadening my horizons and providing opportunities for growth.

I worked in an office for many years before transitioning to working fully remote in 2019. I’m aware of the opportunities available to a team of people who are not co-located, while also understanding how fun it can be to work together in an office with people we enjoy being around. Whether I work in an office building or from my home office, I love being embedded on teams, sharing knowledge, learning and growing and delivering software together with people I care about. I currently reside in Northeast Kentucky, United States, and would only be interested in working remotely from my home office or a short commute somewhere close to my home.

I thrive in a learning environment. I thrive working with on any type of team, on any type of application. I’ve been told that I’m easy to collaborate with. I’ve worked extremely well with people of all kinds and locations, across any type of barrier. If you are looking to hire a hard-working, adaptable, skilled engineer who checks his ego at the door, then consider reviewing my resume (pdf).