Do you have these common running traits?

Most people notice you’re a runner by the way you look; more and more, I notice other runners by the way they live their life.  Runner’s have a beautiful spirit, heart, and mind.

You have a beautiful spirit

Your spirit is shaped by miles of inclement weather, and a few precious rays of sunshine.  You have cried through pain and joy.  You were broken, and you healed.  You will be broken again, but you run anyways.  When you run, your spirit shines through.

We don’t race to the finish line against other runners.  Our race is one against ourselves, always pushing back that devil who’s telling us to quit.  Every time we finish, we have won.  Sometimes, we win in the form of a Personal Best, sometimes we win by finishing, sometimes we win by starting.  We win because we push our limits each run.  What’s your best victory?

You have a beautiful heart

You took a few wrong turns, and you were lost.   You ran anyways, because one simply does not stop.  Maybe you paused to reflect, or to ask for help, yet you persevered.  When you run, your heart is full.

We find a way to achieve what most find impossible, we run regularly; we run in the snow, rain, heat, darkness, pre-dawn, during our lunch break, or after the kids go to bed.  We find ways to solve our runner problems.  I tell my children what separates heroes from the rest of us is that when heroes get scared, they get brave.  When runners get tired, we dig deeper. When runners are faced with obstacles, we find a way over, around, or through them.  Has running brought out the best in you?

You have a beautiful mind

You started running without having a clue.  Over the weeks, months, and years, you have learned and now people look to you for guidance.  When you run, your mind is stronger.

Running gives our mind a chance to catch up with the hustle and bustle of the day.  During a run, we’re often thinking of ways to improve upon our career, education, parenting skills, relationships, or running techniques, to name a few.  What do you think about when you run?

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Thank you, dearest runners, for shining a beautiful light on my world.  

What traits do you see that are common among runners?


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