Are you prepared to be great?

You can only be great if you’re prepared


I will not inspire a generation with my words.  I will never lead the NBA in scoring or the NFL in rushing.  I will not win an Olympic medal.  I will not save a soldier from gunfire.  But there are things at which I aspire to be great.


I work to be a great father to my children.  I am the only dad they will ever have, I owe it to them and their children, to teach them to be men.  I want to leave a legacy of love that they can aspire to, that they impress upon their children, so that when I leave, I leave a legacy of great men in my wake.


I aspire to be great at my job.  I don’t wake up each morning hoping to just do enough to keep getting a paycheck.  I choose to be a fully engaged participant with my employer, co-workers, stakeholders, and customers.  I want to be a great servant-leader, I want to inspire others, so that when I leave, I will have left a legacy of hard work, knowledge, and substantial effort to solve challenging problems.  I like being the first person in the office each day, and last to leave because  I’m not the smartest, most experienced, or knowledgeable…but I give the greatest effort I have.


I perspire to be the best runner I can be; I work to get faster, and more durable. I will push those in front of me; should they stop trying to be great, then I will be on their heels, prepared to take the thrown of running greatness.  I push other runners to greatness.  If we find ourselves nearing a finish, I will sprint to beat you in a race.  Because I strive to make you great.

Dare To Be Great


Take One Step Toward Your Personal Greatness Today

Are you ready to sprint by that guy in the cubicle next to you, or the mom in the drop off lane at school?  Are you working hard today so that when opportunity knocks, you will be ready to answer?  If the answer is no, that’s okay – start where you are, start right now, because you aren’t defined by what you did yesterday.


“I’m going to show you how great I am!” – Mohammed Ali (and Jason Of Florida)

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