Hi there, I am Jason Morris

I am devoted to delivering custom, quality and valuable software to customers. I pride myself in engineering quality into the process of software development, from refining user stories to continuous integration and delivery of valuable software to end users. I firmly believe that quality is everyone’s job, helping developers and leadership understand the value of testing.

I’ve applied my Certified Scrum Master skills while collaborating on large projects involving multiple teams across a wide-array of technology platforms. I’m experienced in working in various flavors of agile methodologies, including Scrum and SAFE.

I am an experienced quality engineer who has progressed from manual to automation tester. I can pull down code to review it, write UI tests to ensure functionality, and manually manipulate software to ensure it works for humans, too.

Are you interested in a hard-working, skilled quality engineer who checks his ego at the door? View My Full Resume (pdf)